Which ACORD Forms To Use

You will use these pages to determine which forms you need to complete and send to your underwriters.
NOTE: Scroll to the bottom of this page for specific lines of business. i.e. Business Auto, General Liability, etc.

Start at the Beginning…ACORD 125

Cicero said ” The beginnings of all things are small”.

I say “The beginning of all ACORD Commercial Applications is the ACORD 125 (With the exception of Workers Compensation coverage)”

OK – I don’t expect my quote to be remembered thousands of years from now, but the ACORD 125 Commercial Applicant Information Section is the foundation document of every Commercial Application other than Workers Compensation.

ACORD 125 page one image

ACORD 125 page 2 image

These coverages are specifically mentioned as being attached to the ACORD 125…

  • Property
  • Glass and Sign
  • Accounts Receivable and Valuable Papers
  • Crime and Miscellaneous Crime
  • Transportation Motor Vehicle Cargo
  • Equipment Floater
  • Installation Builder Risk
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Truckers or Motors Carriers
  • Garage and Dealers
  • Vehicle Schedule
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Workers Compensation (this would appear to be an error since the Workers Comp is referred to as a self contained form not needing the 125)
  • Umbrella

In addition, these coverages are normally accompanied by the ACORD 125. They would be in the “Other” description area of the “Indicate Sections Attached” box.

  • Dealers section for camera, equipment, fine arts, musical instrument and/or stamp and coin dealers
  • Business Owners Policy
  • Restaurant and Tavern Supplement
  • Contractors Supplement – this is for air conditioning and heating, cabinetmakers, carpentry, electrical wiring, excavation and grading of land and septic systems, insulation, landscaping, masonry, painting, plumbing and roofing.
  • Professional Liability Supplement – this is for Barbers, Beauticians, Funeral Directors, Optical and Hearing Aidbusinesses, Printers and Veterinarians.
  • Employment Related Practices Supplement
  • Supplementary Property
  • Equine Application – Horse Insurance
  • Truckers and Motor Carriers Supplemental
  • Design Professional Liability
  • Medical Professional Liability
  • Undertaking Supplement

Next Step…

After you complete the ACORD 125 the choice of all the rest of the forms is based upon the coverages for which you are applying.

Here is a short list…

Commercial General Liability

General Business Auto Exposure

Automobile Service Operation or an Automobile Dealership

Truckers or Motor Carriers

Workers Compensation

Commercial Property Applications