What Is RSS

What is RSS?

RSS is a way for you to get notices of changes and updates from us without getting them through e-mail.

E-mail can be frustrating because you do not always get the e-mails you want (blocked by your spam blocker) and you do get e-mail you don’t want.

RSS is the answer!

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It allows you to keep up with changes, news and tutorials without having to go to our site all the time.

You can also get news feeds from lots of news sites – BBC, USA Today, etc. – and all kinds of other specialized feeds depending on your interest. Just start looking for the orange buttons.

What Do You Need to Use RSS?

An RSS Reader

If you don’t already have one – you will need to download a free RSS Reader. Here are some links to some of the best.

Windows — RssReader

Mac — NetNewsWire

If you already have an RSS Reader, just…

  • Right click on the orange XML RSS button
  • Select Copy Shortcut
  • Paste that URL into your RSS Reader


That’s all. Simple. Really Simple. Simply Easier.