Single Entry Data

Single Entry – Enter Data Once
Re-Use It Forever

Profiles Improve Your Workflow

Simply Easier ACORD Forms lets you enter information into profiles and then uses that information to auto fill the ACORD forms you need. Yes, single entry of data is a tremendous benefit to you and your agency.

Profiles include:

  1. Your Agency and producer information
  2. Customer Name and Address information
  3. Policy information
  4. Policy coverage and limits information

Save Time and Reduce Errors

This 59 second video shows you how fast and easy it is to add policy, coverage and limits information to a customer profile…

Take a look at the pay off in the speed to create a single certificate of insurance in this 39 second video…

See how fast you can create Proof of Liability Insurance ID Cards in this 42 second video…

Single Entry

Simply Easier ACORD Forms’ single entry architecture is designed with you and your work in mind.

Our goal is to make your data more useful to you and your customers.