Self Service Certificates of Insurance

Self Service Certificates of Insurance
  • Print or Email Large Bundles of Certificates
Now Your Customer Can Just Talk to Simply Easier ACORD Forms.

Customer Access to Certificates of Insurance
  • Make your customers happy
  • Keep control of which certificates can be issued
  • Track all issued certificates of insurance
  • Have less work for youself

Cap Dat ACORD’s certificate center allows you to issue a single certificate or automate the time consuming tasks of sending out large groups of Certificates

Use Cap Dat ACORD’s customer portal to allow
your customers to generate certificates for their certificate holders as needed. Your customer will
be able to generate single or batch certificates, but you control which certificate holders and certificates
they can use. AND you have an audit trail of all certificates generated.

We provide more features
and easier to use screens than services charging you more than 10 times our price.

See exactly how you and your insured will see and use our Self Service Certificates of Insurance service.

You can also import your certificate holder information from any other system that can create an Excel spreadsheet. Learn more about our easy to use Import/Export wizard here.