SehHey for Cap Dat ACORD

Cap Dat ACORD has added the first ever Social Application for theinsurance industry.

Your customers and prospects expect to be able to work with you on theirschedule. Your direct writer competition has been able to provide this level of online service for years – and they are taking your customers away because of it.

Now you can fight back.

Now you can afford to provide an even higher level of service to your insureds and prospects – and for as little as 67 cents a day.

Take 1 minute and 2 seconds to watch this video showing you what your customer will be able to do with you online using Cap Dat ACORD with our new SehHey enhancements…


The advantage the independent agent has always had is they are local and they represent more than one company. You have built your business on relationships.

Now you have the tools to take those relationships to where your customers and prospects have gone – the World Wide Web.

See more videos of how to get started, how to share, how to create online service and relationships with your insureds and prospects… click here for more video demos .

Or get started right down for $250 a year or $24.95 a month.

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