Renewal Manager

Renewal Manager – A Better Way to Sell Insurance

Simply Easier ACORD Forms has partnered with Renewal Manager to offer a true breakthrough in Commercial Insurance Sales Tools. Visit theRenewal site to learn more.

Jim Crotti has been a top insurance producer for over a decade. He has averaged an amazing one million dollars a year in new business commissions.

Jim has worked with us to make his sales methods available to others. They are proven in the trenches. They work. They have become Renewal

Benefits for Insurance Sellers

Check out this 6 minute and 14 second video demo of policy review and analysis tools at Renewal_Manager_Analysis_Tools.

  • Provide Better Service
  • Add More Value
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Highlight Your Strengths
  • Uncover Holes in Existing Coverage
  • Provide Documentation for E&O
  • Automatic Proposal Creation
  • Expert Survey and Analysis Tools


“How Your Best Competitors are Planning to Lure Away Your Biggest Accounts”

Available for FREE on the Renewal Manager site is a great little e-book you should read. It’s titled “How Your Best Competitors are Planning to Lure Away Your Biggest Accounts”. It gives you a good idea how Jim achieved his astounding sales results. I suggest it is required reading for any insurance agent making a living from commercial accounts.

Special Pricing Discounts for current Cap-Dat ACORD Forms subscribers.

As part of our partnership we have incorporated our Cap-Dat ACORD technology into the Renewal Manager product. If you have already paid us for Cap-Dat ACORD, we are able to offer you reduced pricing on Renewal Manager membership. Please call me – Duke Williams – at 800-768-0907 to get this discount.