Quickbooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration.

All agencies need at least a basic level of accounting. QuickBooks is a great solution. Even if your customers are almost all direct bill, you need to deposit commissions, pay bills, issue payroll checks, pay taxes.

Every “Agency Management” system on the market today is at it’s heart an accounting system. I am old enough to remember the world before agency management systems. Every single one of these systems came into existence to solve agency accounting problems.

QuickBooks Goes Beyond All “Agency Management” Accounting Systems

QuickBooks is the best selling accounting system of all time. As a result of QuickBooks number of users and the amount of money it makes, it is also the best developed, most flexible and most inclusive of all accounting systems.

Even though Applied Systems and AMS have revenues over $100 million, they have to focus development and support on many issues other than accounting. Intuit – the company that produces QuickBooks – has over $2 billion in revenue, 7000 employees and doesn’t have those other issues to worry about.

Now you can pass information…

  • From your completed forms in our Cap-Dat ACORD service
  • Into QuickBooks.

Watch a 2 minute 26 second video of just how this works…


Document Management
A Great Low Priced Agency Management Solution


QuickBooks offers 4 product options…

Simple Start


from $199.95
from $399.95
from $3,000.00

QuickBooks can support agencies with up to 29,000 customers.