Publish Forms Online

Publishing Forms is Incredibly Easy

Put forms on your web site so your customers can better communicate with you. Examples include:

  • Request Certificate of Insurance
  • Request a Quote
  • Request Policy Changes
  • Initial Report of Claim

But that’s not all!

When your prospects or customers complete any of your published forms, you get…

  • An automatic email letting you know it just happened
  • A link in the email to let you access the completed form
  • The data in the form is securely stored as usable data in your Simply Easier ACORD Forms system database

It has NEVER been easier to put forms on your web site for your users to complete and return to you.

All you do is send us a PDF or DOC file. We send you a link. Add the link to your website.

Perfect for MGAs and Carriers to use in Managing Application Submissions

Not just ACORD forms, but all your supplemental or coverage / company specific forms can be published through Simply Easier ACORD Forms

You can work with the completed forms in Simply Easier ACORD Forms or forward them to your existing back office, underwriting or rating systems.

You can use our SehHey collaboration tool to work with your underwriting team and the insured to flesh out the submission and automatically create a permanent log of the submission for your records.

You can use our Certificate Manager and Self Service Certificates of Insurance service to dramatically reduce the work involved in issuing and tracking certificates of insurance. This tool also automatically creates a permanent record of all certificates issued by anyone. This log record cannot be altered in any way.

A Dream Come True for Agencies

Your customers expect to be able to work with you 24/7/365 online.

Publishing coverage and task specific web forms is the way to provide the level of service your customers demand. They already get it from the bank, their power company, any direct writer – heck, even the cable company. Now you can easily provide the tools you need in order to stay competitive.

Unlike stand alone forms services, Simply Easier ACORD Forms’ published forms not only email you the form, they collect and maintain the data in the forms as useful data.


All forms published from Simply Easier ACORD Forms use secure socket layer protection while the forms are being completed and sent.

Then the data from all forms is encrypted in our secure database servers at our own secure data center.

Add to Any Website – if You Can Cut and Paste

All the technical knowledge you need to add any of our forms to any website is the ability to cut and paste the unique hyperlink code we give you for each unique form.

You need to run your business – not become a computer guru. All our tools are built so you will never have to know how to do anything more technical than cut and paste.

Nobody Knows Forms Like We Know Forms

Simply Easier ACORD Forms provides more online ACORD forms to more users than any other online service. In fact, I believe we provide more than all the other services combined.

Since 2004 millions of online ACORD and related insurance forms have been created and completed using our services.

We Keep Moving Forward with Better and Better Technology

Because we have always provided our services online only – the catch phrase of the moment is in the Cloud – we are able to constantly adopt better, faster and safer technologies.

Since 2004 we have introduced new releases about every two to three weeks. You never have to upgrade or pay for our improvements. That is just what we do as part of constantly adding to and improving our service.

You will never find yourself with an out of date or not supported system version.

Make the choice to make your business better and your customers happier.