Benefits of CapDat PDF vs. HTML Forms

With the introduction of CapDat enhanced PDF forms you can compare PDF vs HTML as a superior solution for online data capture.

Today most online forms for collecting data are written in HTML or some related format. This has made sense until now because this was the only way to be able to capture the data entered into the form without requiring your users to buy extra software.

HTML Benefits

  • The user can submit data through the HTML form to a database.
  • The user does not have to buy any extra software

HTML Drawbacks

  • HTML looks different when viewed through different browsers.
  • HTML does not print to a consistent format.
  • HTML takes a lot of time to build out when combined with backend databases to capture the data.

CapDat keeps the benefits and eliminates all these drawbacks.

By enhancing the strengths of the PDF form, CapDat combines the single benefit of HTML forms – the ability to capture data entered into the online form – with all the benefits of the PDF document. The CapDat enhanced PDF forms work with the free Acrobat Reader 6.0

CapDat Benefits of PDF vs HTML

  • The user can submit data through the CapDat enhanced PDF form to a database.
  • The user does not have to buy any extra software.
  • PDF forms look the same in almost all (if not all) browsers.
  • PDF forms print on almost all printers and the print out looks just like the on screen form.
  • PDF’s take less time to make into fillable forms AND the CapDat utilities build out the database tables in seconds. Your time and cost of creating an online data capturing form is a small fraction of the time it takes to create an inferior form in HTML.

CapDat is revolutionizing the way online forms are built. CapDat makes capturing data online fast and affordable for everyone.

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