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Before you get to the Secure Order Page, you should probably get a couple of things ready.

Logon Information

We will need your email address that you will use to logon to the site. You will also need to give us a password for logon.

This does not need to be a password you use for anything else, in fact, if you are going to be letting other folks in your office use the site with your logon, I would strongly advise you not to use a password that you use for anything else. The password can be any combination of letters and numbers. It can be from 1 character to 64 characters.

A note on sharing the site.

We are glad to have you share the site with all the other folks in your agency. We ask that you not share the site with other friends or businesses.

Credit Card Information

You will need to have your credit card ready. We accept VISA and Mastercard.

Finally, the Secure Order Page uses VeriSign and their 128 bitencryption for your transaction.