Notice of Information Practices

Notice of Information Practices

ACORD provides the ACORD 38 Notice of Information Practices (Privacy) form for some states and a state specific ACORD 38 form for other states. You can find out which form your state uses by going to the state specific page in the Form Finder page.

Purpose of Notice of Information Practices Form

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act sets some standards for notifying a customer about use of credit scoring and other personal information in connection with business transactions. Many states have created additional laws that exceed these federal requirements. These individual state laws require you to have your insured sign a written notification of information practices form at the time you write a new, and in some cases, a renewal policy.The primary purpose of the notice of information practices form is to be certain the applicant is aware of their rights and has a chance to refuse to allow the use, or review the information for accuracy before or after they complete the transaction. The secondary purpose of the form is to protect you by giving you written proof notice was given.

What does the Notice of Information Practices form actually say?

You, and everyone in your office, really need to read this form so you will have a response ready when your customer asks you the inevitable questions you do not really want to hear.The Notices of Information Practices says to the applicant “You have the right to see personal information collected about you, and you have the right to correct any information which may be wrong”

What information will you have at the time you are completing the application that you will be able to show the applicant? If the applicant disagrees with the information, do you know how to advise her to get it corrected?

The Notice of Information Practices form also says “If you are interested in obtaining a description of our information practices, and your rights regarding information we collect, ask your agent, or, if you have been issued a policy, please write us at the address provided with your policy”

Are you prepared to provide a description of each of your company’s information practices? Do you have the address to which each company wants requests sent?

Preparation is the key. Review the Notice of Information Practices form for your state and have answers ready.

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