Mobile Forms

mobile_browser_iconMobile Browser

Simply Easier ACORD Forms is designed to run in your mobile browser.

Create new forms, combine, edit and email forms on your tablet.

Use tablets to complete any tasks you would normally do on your computer.

Mobile devices – especially tablets like the iPad are great tools to take into the field.

They let you get legal signatures without having to worry about each of your carrier’s position on electronic signatures.

Mobile computing is already a major tool for most of us.

Now you can take your insurance business mobile as well. It’s all about communications.

mobile_acord_one_iconACORD One Mobile App

ACORD ONE for iPad, iPhone, Android Phones or Tablets

Simply Easier ACORD Forms offers a mobile app that works in conjunction with the web version of the system.

The ACORD One app brings together mobile technology and the cloud to let you and your agents or members connect, communicate and interact.

Our ACORD ONE mobile ACORD forms app is a first of its kind breakthrough.

  1. Easy navigation with screens designed specifically for phones and tablets
  2. Answer the forms questions in a mobile friendly screen
  3. Save partially completed forms to your mobile device
  4. Sign – or have your customer sign – the forms with your finger or a stylus
  5. Print the completed, signed form as a flattened PDF
  6. Email the completed, signed form as a flattened PDF attachment
  7. Work with your forms on or off-line from any location
  8. Sync the data back up with your cloud data once you are back online

Simply Easier ACORD Forms Certificate Center and Self Service Certificates are available on ACORD One.

Mobile forms come alive by integrating features unique to tablets:

  1. Time/date/Calender
  2. Camera
  3. Photo gallery
  4. Touch screens for signatures and diagrams
  5. Geo location
  6. Voice to Text
  7. Text to Voice

Now – with ACORD ONE mobile ACORD forms – you can start your form in your office, or have your staff do it, and open the form while you are in your customer’s office. What a great impression!

Get a digital signature on a tablet – better than an electronic signature.

Save forms to the Simply Easier ACORD Forms database for later use.

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androidAndroid Phone/Tablet

Click on the link to download the ACORD One app

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iOSiPhone or iPad

Click on the link to download the ACORD One app

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*Note: The app is free, but you will have to subscribe to Simply Easier ACORD Forms to access forms in the app.