Insurance ID Card

Insurance ID Card

ACORD provides an Insurance ID card in 19 different formats. Most states accept the generic ACORD 50. New York does not accept any ACORD insurance ID card. The following states have state specific ACORD forms for their ID cards.

  1. Arkansas
  2. California – Personal and Commercial forms
  3. Delaware
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia – Personal and Commercial forms
  6. Hawaii
  7. Iowa
  8. Kentucky
  9. Louisiana
  10. Michigan
  11. Mississippi
  12. Missouri
  13. Nevada
  14. New Jersey
  15. Oklahoma – Personal and Commercial forms
  16. Pennsylvannia
  17. Texas
  18. West Virginia

General Purpose of the Insurance ID Card

Many, but not all, states require drivers to carry an Insurance ID card. For the states that do have this requirement, the ACORD ID forms are a means of satisfying these requirements.The Insurance ID card is often required for purposes of obtaining a drivers license. As a result, you need to guard against fraudulent use of these forms.

Visiting a State that requires an Insurance ID Card

When you or your insureds travel to another state that requires an insurance ID card, you, of course, can not have a card for that state because you do not have insurance in that state. Normally, presenting the insurance ID card for your state will satisfy the requirements of the state you are visiting.If your home state does not require an insurance ID card but the state you are visiting does, you can have a problem. I certainly did in Georgia a few years ago. My advice is to encourage your insureds to carry an insurance ID card when they travel even if the their state does not require it.

What is the Company Number?

Normally the company number is the NAIC number for the company insuring the car.Note, this is not the company group, but the company masthead – or specific company name within the company group.

You can find NAIC numbers for all insurance companies at the following link…

Find NAIC number

Enter the name of the company your are looking for in the search box on the left hand side of the screen. Click “GO”. When the results page comes up click on the company name. The NAIC number is on the right under the company name or above the company address.

ACORD forms are all available to you at…..

Insurance ID Card and other ACORD forms

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