Guided ACORD Forms

“Talking ACORD forms” teach you how to complete the form you on which you are working, while you are filling it in.

Click in any ACORD form field and a small audio speaker icon appears. Click or tap on the icon to have your computer, tablet or smart phone start talking to you about what that specific question is asking. And sometimes even more!

Look for the audio speaker icon on our forms.
silver audio icon copy

It’s like Having a GPS to Guide You!

gps_01 copy

Remember when you used to use paper maps?

And now you use your GPS, because it is SO much better than paper, right?

Our “Talking ACORD Forms” are the GPS of ACORD forms!

Sure, you can figure out what to do using a paper map, but doesn’t a GPS make it easier?

Friendly Technology that Makes You Better


“Talking ACORD forms” make you a better insurance professional.

This is not automation that replaces you. This is augmentation that is only useful when you use it.

Together you can do more.

List of Current Talking Forms

As of 8/21/2016 this is the list of the forms which currently have this talking assistance. We took the most often used forms first. We are adding new forms each week. If you have a specific request, please let us know.

ACORD 24 – Certificate of Property Insurance
ACORD 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
ACORD 27 – Evidence of Property Insurance
ACORD 28 – Evidence of Commercial Property Insurance
ACORD 29 – Evidence of Flood Insurance
ACORD 30 – Certificate of Garage Insurance
ACORD 45 – Additional Interest Schedule
ACORD 60US – Notice of Terrorism Insurance Coverage
ACORD 61 CA – California Auto Supplement – Mandatory Uninsured Motorist Coverage
ACORD 63- Fraud StatementsACORD 64US – Insurance Supplement Workers Compensation Only Notice of Terrorism Insurance Coverage
ACORD 75 – Insurance Binder
ACORD 76 – Binder Log
ACORD 81 – Personal Inland Marine Application
ACORD 101 – Additional Remarks Section
ACORD 125 – Commercial Insurance Application – Applicant Information Section
ACORD 126 – Commercial Insurance Application – Commercial General Liability Section
ACORD 127 – Commercial Insurance Application –   Business Auto SectionACORD 129 – Commercial Insurance Application – Vehicle Schedule
ACORD 130 – Commercial Insurance Application –ACORD 131 – Commercial Insurance Application – Umbrella Excess Section

ACORD 137 CA – California Commercial Auto Coverage / Limits Section

ACORD 140 – Commercial Insurance Application – Property SectionACORD 146 – Commercial Insurance Application – Equipment Floater Section
ACORD 163 – Commercial Auto Driver Information Schedule
ACORD 193 – Commercial Insurance Application – Open Cargo Section