Cap-Dat ACORD Forms lets you create folders for storing and organizing your forms, customers, and accounts.

ACORD Forms Folders
How you decide to organize yourself is completely up to you. You tell Cap-Dat ACORD Forms what to do. It listens and it does it. Don’t you wish everything was like that?

We give you complete control. You can even create folders inside other folders (nested folders).

Help When You Need It.

Even the most organized person may occassionally forget where they put something. Cap-Dat ACORD Forms is there to help. You can search for forms by…

  • File name or partial name.
  • Who saved the file.
  • The date or date range you saved the document.
  • The form you saved – i.e. ACORD 25.

ACORD Folders

Find the Right ACORD Form.

Finding the form you need is just about as easy as falling off a log. Studies show 70% of Internet users prefer “Search” functions over clicking through links. We give you both, but the “Search” for forms is especially strong.

Folders for ACORD Forms

Never Settle For Less Again.

Every other ACORD forms system makes you work through a structured database designed 10 years ago by a programmer using technology that was already 5 years old. The result is all those programs make you fit their confining structure.

Factoid: All the other ACORD forms programs we have seen require you to create a customer file before you can fill out a form. That’s because the program was designed with the database in mind – not you, the user.

Break free. Take Control.

We have all used Folders on our Desktop for years. Now you can use them online with Cap-Dat ACORD Forms.