ACORD Changes for Feb 2005

ACORD has updated the following forms:

Countrywide Changes

140 – Property Section

Hawaii Changes

60HI – Hawaii Auto Supplement Coverage Section
90HI – Hawaii Personal Auto Application
137HI – Hawaii Commercial Auto
138HI – Hawaii Garage and Dealers

Iowa Changes

90IA – Iowa Personal Auto Application

Life/Annuity Forms

951 – 1035 Exchange / Rollover / Transfer Form

Michigan Changes

171MI – Michigan Application for Exclusion of Executive Officers of a Corporation or Members / Managers of a Limited Liability Company

New Mexico Changes

90NM – New Mexico Personal Auto Application
137NM – New Mexico Commercial Auto
138NM – New Mexico Garage and Dealers

North Carolina Changes

61NC – North Carolina Auto Supplement – Selection/Rejection UM Coverage

Oklahoma Changes

60OK – Oklahoma Auto Supplement – Oklahoma Uninsured Motorist Coverage Law

Virginia Changes

64VA – Virginia Property Supplement Notice of Flood Coverage Exclusion

New ACORD Forms

Countrywide New Forms

810 – Business Income / Extra Expense / Rental Value Supplement to Property Section
811 – Value Reporting Information Supplement to Property Section

New Mexico New Form

61NM – New Mexico Auto Supplement – UM Coverage Selection / Rejection and Rejection of Stacked UM Coverage


New Pages explaining which ACORD forms to use to put together a commercial application.

We are often asked which forms get used together or for applying for certain coverages.

I have looked all over the Internet and I realize no one has addressed this basic question. And it can be bewildering to find all the forms that you need to complete for an application.

We have put together some new pages to help with this. They will make an excellent reference for everyone and a great teaching aid for the beginners.

You can find them at…

Which ACORD Forms to Use



New Product Options

Save selected forms online or post links to selected forms and have your visitors fill them out and send them to you.

The best explaination of this is on our new home page…


We have modified many of the more commonly used ACORD forms to allow you to…

  • Access to the invoice form from any PC with Internet access.
  • Fill in the information on screen.
  • Print the form.
  • Save the completed forms online on the secure CapDat servers.
  • Retrieve the completed forms online anytime, anywhere.
  • Post a link to the ACORD change request forms on your web site.
  • Let your users fill in the information on the change request forms and submit the completed forms to you for handling.
  • E-mails you a notice that a change request form has been submitted.
  • Saves all submitted change request forms for later use.

Our new options are…


The most common thing I hear from users is “I should have checked this out sooner, it can just be hard to change.”

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