Secure and Authorized Signatures on Any PDF

Simply Easier ACORD Forms includes secure and authenticated electronic signatures for any PDF form.

  • Any Simply Easier ACORD Forms form or,
  • Any PDF form you upload from your desktop

Multiple Signatures on a Single Document

Add boxes for initials or full signatures.

Use Simply Easier ACORD Forms e-signature to set up as many signatures or intials as need.

Set the sequence in which emails are sent to the signators. You can set up a document to be presented for signature to everyone at once, one after the other or any combination thereof.

View the Status of a Document At Any Time

Each signator has access to a status report showing who has signed and when. They can access this report at any time.

E&O Protection

Simply Easier ACORD Forms’ e-signature feature creates a detailed audit log for your E&O protection.

The log includes

  • Time and date stamps for creation of form, sending of form, viewing of form and return of form
  • IP Address of the device on which your customer viewed and signed the form

Expiration date on all forms which you control keep your customer from signing a document at a later date.

Touch Screen or Browser

If you send the form to a mobile device your customer can use their touch screen to sign with their finger or a stylus.

Send the form to a PC and your customer can type in their name to sign, or use the mouse to sign.

Streamline Your Work Flow

Simply Easier ACORD Forms e-signature is integrated with all of our other features.

  • Fill out ANY Form
  • Store the Form
  • Email
  • eSign
  • Collect Payment

All in One Place

Fantastic Step to Improve Your Business Process Flow

By taking electronic signatures, you improve your agency’s business processes. Studies have consistently shown use of e-signatures dramatically shortens the amount of time spent in closing sales.

Simply Easier ACORD Forms – Share, Sign, Mobile

Simply Easier ACORD Forms gives you…

  1. All ACORD forms – online and mobile
  2. Secure Sharing – no need to pay for stand-alone file sharing services
  3. Electonic Signatures – no need to pay for stand-alone signature services

All in a single, integrated account.

See How Fast and Easy the Process Is

Simply Easier ACORD Forms 30 Second Signatures