Document Management

Document Management for Everyone


What the World is Coming To


Document Management for Everyone – Upload pictures, scanned documents, Word files, e-mails and spreadsheets.

NOW all of these can be uploaded and kept in your Cap-Dat ACORD Folders

The Cap-Dat ACORD folders you create yourself can hold all your customer information.
  • Our new Customer Information Form – See Sample
  • Completed ACORD forms for that customer
  • Pictures
  • Scanned images
  • Spreadsheets – lots of folks use these for schedules and loss histories
  • Word documents
  • E-mails

If you are not sure how our Folders work, click here.




Web Technology Brings Powerful Tools to Every User

The Internet has changed entire industries – sometimes to your benefit and sometimes not.

This change is great for you and bad for the Old LineDocument Management software companies. The simple truth is, the cost of developing and hosting document management systems has dropped faster than AT&T saw the price of a one minute long distance call drop. Remember when a great rate was $1.00 a minute. Now it is more like $0.01 a minute.

The least expensive document management systems used to cost $250,000 and run on very expensive hardware. The Internet has changed all of that and now you get all the benefits of document management as a feature in your Cap-Dat ACORD subscription at no extra cost.



That’s It – Simple

Keep a safe, secure online database of all the documents, files and images you need to service your customers and manage your agency.

  • Search it.
  • Re-use it.
  • Access it from anywhere.
  • Share it with everyone at your office.


Online and Secure


Our servers are protected by full time staff and state of the art technology. We run a system that has at least two backups on every critical component. We back up in real time. We create an off-site back up daily.

Your uploaded files belong to you and you alone. You can copy youruploaded files off the Cap-Dat servers anytime you want.


Easy to Learn – Easy to Use

Learn to use it in 5 minutes or less – no need for perpetual and expensive training.

Document Management video demo – Click here to see a 3 minute and 2 second video demonstration of exactly how this works.


If you are already a Cap-Dat ACORD user this new feature is just one more great service you automatically get from us.

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