Customer Portal

Customer Centered Service

Your customers have learned to expect 24/7 access to their information as the norm.

Your carriers offer a hodgepodge of access to your customers. Many offer no access at all.

Our SehHey secure sharing and collaboration tools make it possible for you to make any or all information available to your customers 24/7/365 online or on smart phones or tablets.

Imagine giving your customers world class access to their insurance information for an effort as small as copying a file to a folder. That is all there is to this, yet it makes a world of difference to your customers experience and peace of mind.

Plus, your agency is more efficient. Most agents think only of the extra work of copying the file or files to the secure, shared folder. You gain efficiency and do less work by not having to respond to as many phone calls and emails.

In my opinion the net result is less work for you and your agency and better customer service.

Waiting on your carriers to have their IT departments address this customer need is giving your customers to your competitors.

Make the commitment to provide reliable, secure electronic customer service. Simply Easier ACORD Forms gives you the tools at an unbelievable price.