Commercial General Liability

ACORD forms to use for commercial general liability

ACORD 125 – Applicant Information Section…

ACORD 125 Image

ACORD 125 image

The ACORD 125 form is the basic insured information document. It is the first form to use for your general liability application. Information such as full business name and what coverages are being applied for are part of the ACORD 125.

ACORD 126 – General Liability Section

ACORD 126 image

ACORD 126 page 2

The ACORD 126 form is needed for all Commercial General Liability applications. There are many additional forms for specific types of businesses that may also be required. However, if you do not have a business that falls under one of these sub-categories, the ACORD 126 will stand alone.

Commercial General Liability coverages included in the ACORD 126 are…

Premises / Operations
Owner’s and Contractor’s Protective
Premises Medical Payments
Products and Completed Operations
Personal and Advertising Injury
Damage to Rented Premises
Employee Benefits Liability

ACORD 60US – Terrorism Coverage Rejection

ACORD 60US image

The ACORD 60US allows your insured to reject Terrorism coverage as a part of their commercial general liability coverage.

ACORD 63 – Fraud (Some states require a state specific form)

ACORD 63 image

The ACORD 63 is the General Fraud Statement. You should have each insured sign this as a matter of course.

Many states have their own state specific Fraud form. If the state the insured exposure is in has a specific state exception form, you should use that state’s exception form.

After these basic general liability forms you need to continue to narrow down your type of business and coverages needed.

Examples of types of businesses with additional forms…

Dealers section for…
fine arts
musical instrument
stamp and coin dealers

Contractors of…
air conditioning and heating
electrical witing
excavation and grading of land and septic systems

Funeral Directors
Optical and Hearing Aid businesses

Medical Professional
Restaurant and Tavern