Combine ACORD Forms

combine_documents_iconCombine Forms

Now you can COMBINE any – and as many – of the ACORD forms into a SINGLE form. This has two enormous benefits….

  • You can send one ACORD application to your underwriter instead of having to send several.
  • The common information you enter into one form is automatically sent through all other attached forms so you do not have to double enter information.

You can see exactly how this works by viewing our 1 minute and 41 second video demo.

Most applications use more than one ACORD form. Take a typical Commercial Auto application. Normally you need…

  • ACORD 125 – General Insured Information
  • ACORD 127 – Business Auto Section
  • ACORD 137 – State Specific Coverage and Limits

You may also need driver and vehicle schedules, uninsured motorist, fraud and Terrorism forms.With our Combine Forms feature you can make all these into a single PDF document. Submission is easier. Renewals are definitely easier.