Certificate of Insurance Manager

Simply Easier ACORD Form’s new Certificate Center gives you one place to manage all the things you ever need to do with certificates of insurance. You can issue a single certificate or automate the time consuming tasks of sending out large groups of Certificates for your insureds. You can even set you insured up for Self Service Certificates of Insurance

You can also import your certificate holder information from any other system that uses ACORD XML standards of can create an Excel spreadsheet. Learn more about our easy to use Import/Export wizard here.

As a part of each Insured’s Profile you are able to create an endless list of Certificate Holder Profiles.

Each Certificate Holder Profile includes the Certificate Holders name, address, email and the number of days cancellation notice the insurer will attempt to give to the certificate holder.

Download a PowerPoint presentation of the certificate manager.

Once the profile has been created, this information will automatically pre-fill any certificate of insurance you issue for this insured.

When you need to issue more than one certificate – say at renewal – our Batch Certificate Generator shows you a list of all Certificate Holders for that insured profile. All you do is check the “Include” check box for each Certificate Holder to whom you want to send a certificate and the system will e-mail all the certificates at one time.

The Certificate of Insurance manager includes your selected scanned signature on each certificate sent.

Turn an all day task into a 5 minute job. Now that’s a real value added through good automation.

Save You Certificate Template and Set Up Your Certificate Holders List

First, you need to complete a Certificate of Insurance form and save it in the Cap-Dat-ACORD system. The certificate should not include any Certificate Holder information, but it should include all the rest of the common information all certificates will have. Ex: Insured’s name and address, the policy and coverage information.

Second, from your “Insured’s Profile” page, you add Certificate Holder information. You can add as many Certificate Holders as you need.

Click on the “Certificate Holders” tab in the Policy Holder Profile

Select “New Certificate Holder” to add as many as you need.

Once This Is Done, You Never Need to Repeat These Steps.

When certificates of insurance need to be issued you…

1 – Highlight the saved Certificate form you want to send

2 – Select the Certificate Holders to whom you want to send the certificate

3 – Enter any Subject Line and E-mail message you want to include

4 – Click on “Send”

All selected Certificate Holders are e-mailed a private, secure link to the certificate. They can access this certificate anytime, 24/7/365.

The Certificate of Insurance will include your scanned signature.

Certificates Sent Log and Back Up Security

All send certificates are tracked through our e-mail log.

You can see the exact time and date send. You can even pull up the exact certificate that was sent.

We maintain daily back ups of all your files, including secure off site back ups.

Make Your Job Easier. Make Your Customer Service Better.

Simply Easier ACORD Form’s Certificate of Insurance Manager does exactly that for you.