Certificate Center

Certificate Center

Simply Easier ACORD Forms’ Certificate Center gives you one place to manage all the things you ever need to do with certificates of insurance. You can issue a single certificate or automate the time consuming tasks of sending out large groups of Certificates for your insureds.

When you need to issue more than one certificate – say at renewal – our Batch Certificate Generator shows you a list of all Certificate Holders for that insured.

The Certificate of Insurance manager includes your selected scanned signature on each certificate sent.

Self Service

Self Service Certificates of Insurance makes your customers happy, is less work for you, and gives you control and tracking of all issued certificates.

If you have customers that need immediate certificates or that need a high volume of certificates on a continous basis, self service empowers your customers to get what they need whenever they need it.

Don’t become the bottleneck in your customers work process. Let Simply Easier ACORD Forms’ Self Service Certificates do the work.

Certificate Holders

Create a list of Certificate Holders and their description(s). Each certificate holder is associated with insured profile(s).

If you already have Certificate Holders in another system, you can upload them to our system from an excel spreadsheet.

Use the stored Certificate Holders to generate batches of certificiates for print, email or sharing through Simply Easier ACORD Forms.

Use Self Service to allow your insureds to issue their own certificates. You control whether they use your list of Certificate Holders or whether they create their own.

Bulk Certificates

Simply Easier ACORD Forms’ hassle-free and super efficient bulk certificate feature saves so much time! Print, email or share

Issue up to 1,000 certificates in under a minute.

How does it work? You create a certificate, we call it a template, with the policy information, insured information, producer signature, etc. You then merge the certificate holder(s) and description(s) for whom you need certificates with the stored template.

Re-imagine the amount of time spent on renewals which require large numbers of certificates to be sent.

Certificate Log

Get peace of mind with our permanent certificate log.

Simply Easier ACORD Forms creates a time /date stamp of every issued certificate regardless of who issues it. You search the log by date or name to find the certificates you need.

The log maintains a certified image of the exact certificate that was issued.

Legal Compliance

Federal and state privacy laws make it critically important for you to share private information securely. You and your agency are liable for the personal information on any form.

Most experts agree that sending a document as an email attachment is not compliant with most laws and regulations.

Simply Easier ACORD Forms lets you share Certificates and other documents as a secure link inside an email, or you can be even more secure by sharing using our SehHey Secure Collaboration tools.