Capture Acrobat Reader Data Entered Into Your PDF Insurance Forms

Capture Acrobat Reader data and convert the data entered into any Acrobat fillable form. Your users only need the free Acrobat Reader installed.

Extend the power of your fillable PDF forms with our CapDat platform.

Here is how you use the CapDat Platform to capture Acrobat Reader data:

  • Make the simple changes we give you in our instructions to any PDF fillable form. ( If you are not comfortable with making the changes, we can do that for you for a small additional fee.)
  • Set your settings and preferences on your CapDat customer administration page.
  • Upload your form to the CapDat Platform
  • The CapDat Platform creates a database table on our servers for your form and posts your form on our secure servers.
  • Post a link to the posted form on your web pages or in your e-mail.
  • As your users complete and submit their data into your form, CapDat will convert PDF data and save the data on the CapDat servers.
  • You retrieve the data as a PDF identical to the one submitted. As an option and for an additional fee, you can also convert PDF data into any format you need. Plus you can retrieve as batches of data or wrapped reformatted data.

CapDat unlocks the abilities of your PDF forms by enabling you to capture Acrobat Reader data from the free, universal Acrobat Reader 6.0.


CapDat extends the power of your PDF forms.

  • Improve customer communications
  • Improve internal operational processing
  • Meet compliance standards
  • Eliminate the cost of postage
  • Eliminate manual re-keying of data


CapDat Platform is built on these foundations

  • A Universal Client – in CapDat this is the Adobe Reader in a Web Browser on your users computers
  • An Enhanced Document – your fillable PDF with CapDat modifications
  • DataBase Services – CapDat ASP hosting, databases, CapDat utilities, data formatting and reformatting
  • Data Integration

The Capdat Platform enhances the information lifecycle through CapDat utilities, application service provider hosting and consulting services. Companies and individuals can capture Acrobat Reader data to create solutions in-house or outsource to us.

Insurance Industry Example:

Your insurance company has its own proprietary insuranceapplication forms. You wanted to ask questions not in the ACORD forms for instance. You make this form available to your agents as pads of paper and online as a PDF. It may or may not be a fillable form yet.

The current benefit to you is that the form is always available. If you have a fillable form already, you may also be getting the form in an easier to read format.

CapDat lets you get the form electronically as soon as your agent submits it. Plus you can pull the data from the form directly into your processing system and eliminate the re-keying of data with its added time and inevitable errors.

All ACORD Forms are available

We have the complete library of ACORD forms in the CapDat platform. You can select any or all of these to be available through your site for your agents.

You can capture Acrobat Reader data entered into these ACORD forms. For example, you may use the change request form to allow your agents to forward you endorsement requests. You can even have the data fed directly into your processing system.

See a real time demo of CapDat

Check out a video demo with the first link or follow the other links to see a demo of the CapDat platform.

6 minute and 26 second video demo of Cap dat

Capture Acrobat Reader Data with CapDat demo

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