Cap Dat ACORD Instructions

Instructions for using Cap-Dat ACORD Forms

Please go to and click on CapDat Acord Forms Login as shown in the picture below:


The login screen is shown below. Enter your account information.



The next screen is your navigational screen with your Acord forms placed in groups.

For example: Acord 125 Commercial Property Application is found under Country Wide Forms.




To open the ACORD 125, highlight the forms name in the list, scroll down to the bottom of the web page…



Click on the “Find” button. the form opens as a PDF inside your browser. It looks like this…



NOTE: There is one known bug. It is a problem with the new Acrobat 7.0 Reader. Adobe is working on it. They have complaints form all over the world.

If you are running Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6.0.2900., and Acrobat 7.0, you will sometimes get this message when you try to retrieve a saved form…

The solution is to click on “OK”. That will give you a blank screen. THEN click on the “REFRESH” button – The green one – on your browsers top toolbar. This will open the form.



Type in your information. You can Tab through the form or you can just click on any field you want with your mouse.

If you have questions about the form, click on the “Instructions” button and you are taken to a page about the form you are working on. After you read the instructions as much as you want, click the “Back” button in your browser and you go back to the form you were working on. No information you had already entered is lost.

To save the form with the data you have typed in, click on the “Submit” button. It takes you to this screen…



Type in any name you want. Do not use any of these characters < > @ % .

After you save you get this screen…

This confirms the form was saved.

To retrieve the saved form, click on the “Retrieve Form” button on the left hand column. This gives you several search filters. Of course you can always just enter no filtering criteria and click “Search” and get all the forms you have saved.


Highlight the form you wish to re-open and click on the “Open” Button at the bottom of the screen. You can open it as a PDF – just the way you filled it out, or as a CSV file – if you want to transfer the data to another program.

You can email the completed form to any one. Click on the “Email Form” option on the left hand column. Select the saved form you wish to email. Enter the email address in the “Send to” text box. Enter any message you want to send into the box below that and click on the “Send Email” button.

To confirm the email has been sent you get this confirmation screen…


The email will send the form as an xfdf attachment. The person recieving the form will double click on the attachment to open the completed form.


This concludes a quick tour of the Cap-Dat ACORD forms site. If you have any questions we are available during normal business hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST at 800-768-0907.