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agency_managementManage Information

We reinvent how you manage your agency’s information.

Simply Easier ACORD Forms lets you organize , find and associate your customer information the way the World Wide Web organizes information for Google and other search engines.

Simply Easier ACORD Forms supports Single Entry Data. Customer information, including policy coverages and limits, prefill any ACORD forms as needed.

Using customer metadata, you control the way your information relates to and is associated with any and all other information in our agency management and document management services.

  1. Find information faster
  2. Connect related information even if it is not stored in the same file
  3. Never lose anything
  4. Use Search to create any report instantly
  5. Discover unexpected relationships and patterns in your customer information
  6. Never have to store more than one copy of any information anywhere because it can always be associated with any other account, file, form or image.

Simply Easier ACORD Forms acknowledges all the connections your customers have in real life. Are Tom Jones and Jane Smith related? How about other business connections? Does Tom Jones rent a building to Jane’s business? Is he a partner?

calendar_1_64 Policy Renewal Notifications

Simply Easier ACORD Forms includes a Policy Renewal Notification report.

You can elect to receive the notification 30, 60, 90 or 120 days prior to your client’s policy expiration date.

This excellent tool gives you the advantage of knowing the best time to communicate with your customer about not only their renewals, but any changes that may have occurred during the past year.

document_1 Policy Reports

Simply Easier ACORD Forms includes a Policy Report feature.

Once your client’s policies have been entered, you can run a renewal report or a commission report, which can be saved locally for sorting the data as needed..

You can also create a custom report from stored Form Data allowing you to save the data as a template for a specific form.

1380679422_links_64X64 Import/Export Client Profiles and Policies

Simply Easier ACORD Forms makes it easy for you to load your profiles and policies. You can enter the data manually or you can use our import feature for either or both profiles and policies.

We provide templates in excel that have mapping guidelines for both profiles and policies. Once your client proflies have been entered or imported, their policies can be entered or imported.

email_document_icon Reminders

Simply Easier ACORD Forms includes a reminder feature that will email notifications to any recipient on the day you specify.

tags_notes_comments_iconTags, Notes…

Tags – the Difference between Data, Information and Knowledge

By now you have probably used tagging with pictures on services like Pinterest or Flickr.

Our system lets you enter a TAG or multiple TAGs for every folder, document, image – every unique item. Simply Easier ACORD Forms then lets you search for files, folders or forms using these TAG words or phrases.

TAGs are the way you control your database structure. You use any standards you want to organize your data with your very own, personal structure. Simply Easier ACORD Forms let’s you tell your database how to work instead of you having to learn how it works.

The benefits of the tags are easily seen through search. A well-kept tag system allows you to pull all the data about a particular application, person, time period, type of policy, or a variety of other divisions with just a simple word search.

It allows the search tool to be the data structure of the system.

  • If a file is tagged appropriately, it can never be lost or difficult to find.
  • All the contents of a complex application can be called up in moments without the user needing to know where each of the individual files is stored.
  • Files that relate to multiple applications do not have to be saved in multiple locations.
  • One file, tagged with all appropriate associations, is always linked to the correct data through a tag search.

about_us_iconDescriptions – more detail

Descriptions have two purposes.

Using customer metadata, you control the way your information relates to and is associated with any and all other information in our agency management and document management services.

  1. The description displays when you hold your cursor over the file name or file image. This lets you understand the contents of a document before you open it.
  2. You can search descriptions to find files and to discover relationships between files.

By entering in a description, you can include more extensive information about the file than is recorded in the file name. Which application a form belongs to, whether there were any unusual circumstances, and not just the date the file was created, but the date the application was finalized or when the policy came into effect.

The more details added, the easier for you to both utilize the file without opening it (by hovering over it), and to find the file if you forget where it is in the file system.