Cap-Dat ACORD Email

Cap-Dat ACORD E-mail

Cap-Dat ACORD’s new e-mailing system allows you to…

  1. Attach multiple files in the same e-mail – forms, pictures,spreadsheets, word documents, scanned documents, etc.
  2. E-mail to multiple e-mail addresses.

There are a couple of benefits stemming from attaching multiple files in the same e-mail.

The first is less time spent e-mailing. Instead of having to send four different e-mails with four separate attachments, you can send one e-mail with four attachments.

The second benefit comes from being able to e-mail all the documents and supporting documents in an application at a single time. This eliminates the risk of the application being separated into different pieces (taking up the time of both your recipient and you as the error is untangled).

The other major feature change allows you to send e-mails to multiple addresses. Again, the major benefit is a reduction in time spent, as you only have to send a single e-mail to two or more people, rather than multiple e-mails to individuals.

This feature also ensures that different people receive the same information, leading to less chance miscommunication.

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