Win a Digital CamCorder

Win a digital CamCorder

The Winner of Last Month’s Drawing for the Portable DVD Player was Marvin Kosmatta of Minto Insurance Agency in Minto, North Dakota. Way to go Marvin!

If you sign up for a Fillable ACORD Forms or a Cap-Dat ACORD formsaccount during July 2005 your email address will be entered into a drawing for this Digital CamCorder. We have already purchased it. It is just waiting for a home.

Digital Camcorder SC-D353 Compact Mini-DV

The SC-D353 is packed with features and value. The camcorder sports a streamlined body for easy carrying, and plenty of value-enhancing features. A 680K CCD and 20x Optical / 900x Digital zoom provide excellent picture clarity and high recording flexibility. A viewfinder and 2.5″ LCD screen let users plan their shots, edit scenes, and playback video. The camera also features Enhanced Image Quality with DSP6 Digital Signal Processing technology, and upgraded USB streaming capabilities (VGA, 30fps).

Other features include…

20x Optical Zoom/900x Digital Zoom

TFT active-matrix technology assures the finest, brightest picture available. It rotates 210 degrees for multi-angle shooting, self-recording and playback.
Get incredible zooming ability with variable speed control which is activated by automatic sensing of the amount of pressure aplied to the zoom tab.

MPEG4 Video Clip Recording

can record an MPEG-4 digital video clip, which has high picture quality and takes up little memory space. Video can be stored directly to your Memory Stick or transferred to your PC via USB.

Enhanced Image Quality (DSP6)

DSP6 supports a real 16:9 wide mode. The hidden parts of an image are shown when you select 16:9 effects.

680K Pixel CCD delivers high-resolution video images with superior color resolution and detail. It surpasses the conventional camcorder with digital quality and its high performance PC interface.

This offer is void where prohibited by law.


The winner must be willing for us to post their name and contact information on this website so everyone can see that there actually is a winner.


Of course your odds of winning depend on the number of people who enter.

Sign up for either of these two options to have your name entered.

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