Business Auto Application


ACORD 125 – Applicant Information Section

ACORD 125 page one

ACORD 125 page two

With the business auto application, like almost all commercial applications, the ACORD 125 form is your foundation document. You enter all your basic insured information in the ACORD 125. Information includes name, address, business description and coverages being applied for.

ACORD 127 Business Auto Section

ACORD 127 Business Auto page 1

ACORD 127 Business  Auto page 2

The ACORD 127 Business Auto Application lets you enter driver information for up to 10 drivers. If you have more drivers, you enter that information in the ACORD 163 form (see below).

The ACORD 127 also is where you enter up to 8 vehicle descriptions. If you have more vehicles, you enter them in the ACORD 129 form (see below).

ACORD 163 – Driver Information Section

ACORD 163 Image

The ACORD 163 is where you enter the driver information for additional drivers the ACORD 127 does not have room for. The ACORD 163 form has room for an additional 24 drivers. Use as many of these forms as you need.

ACORD 129 – Vehicle Schedule

ACORD 129 image

The ACORD 129 Vehicle Schedule is where you enter additional vehiclesfor which the ACORD form 127 did not have enough room. You can enter six additional vehicles per form. Use as many forms as you need.

ACORD 137 for your specific state Coverages and Limits Section

ACORD 137 for your specific state – Coverages and Limits Section

ACORD 137NC image

ACAORD 137NC page 2 image.

Each state has it’s own form 137. You need to go to the “State Specific ACORD Forms” links to find these forms.

Because insurance is regulated on a state by state basis, the ACORD 137 form is where you show what coverages and limits your insured is requesting.

I am showing an image of the North Carolina 137NC form. If you were working with an insured with vehicles titled in Texas you would use the Texas ACORD 137TX, in New York the ACORD 137NY and so on.

ACORD 60US – Terrorism Coverage Rejection

ACORD 60US Image

Use the ACORD 60US if your insured wishes to reject Terrorism Coverage as part of the business auto application.

ACORD 60 or 61 for state specific Un/Underinsured Motorist selection / Rejection forms.

ACORd 61NC Image

Most states require the insured to have the option of specifically waiving parts, or all, of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages. You should use the form for your specific state in combination with the business auto application to accomplish this.

ACORD 63 – General Fraud Statement.

ACORD 63 image

With the business auto application you should have your insured sign the General Fraud Statement as a matter of course.

Some states have specific wording for their Fraud Forms. You should use any state specific form that applies instead of the general form.