Benefits of CutePDF

CutePDF and our ACORD Forms

Save the information you have entered into ACORD Forms

Need to print lots of Certificates of Insurance for a single customer?

CutePDF ($29.00 online – see link a bottom of page) is your solution. CutePDF allows you to save the fillable form and the contents you have entered to your PC as a Windows file.

You can then re-use this form with the same content, or change the content as often as you need. The key for you is thinking about the name and location you save the forms with. For instance if you need to send Certificates for ABC Construction, Inc. on a regular basis, you might want to create a folder titled Certificates of Insurance and save the form in that folder. Then you might save the Certificate you sent to GeneralContractor, Inc. under the name “ABC Certificate to General Contractor”. You get the idea.

Key features of CutePDF

1 – Easily fill in and submit electronic forms data.

2 – Save an electronic form to your computer, fill it in offline, and later submit your form.

3 – Save completed PDF electronic forms to your computer for easyarchiving.

The only drawback to CutePDF is it is Windows based. If you are using our forms from a PC that does not have CutePDF installed, you can not use these extra features.

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