Amazon Echo – Send Certificates and ID Cards

Send Certificates and ID Cards using Amazon Echo, Google Home and Google Assistant!

Now You Can Just Talk to Simply Easier ACORD Forms.

You know what you want. You know how to ask for it. But sometimes learning how to do it in any software program can be a challenge.

With sending Voice Certificates and Driver ID Cards, we are taking our first giant steps toward making Simply Easier ACORD Forms the absolutely easiest and most natural software for ACORD Forms ever.

These features are now included for all our users.

Give them a try.

You will be pleased, delighted and amazed.

Amazon Echo for Self-Service Certificates

Offer your customers easy access to their certificates using Amazon Echo, Google Home and Google Assistant.

Hands Free

There are times, like driving back from a meeting with your insured, when you need you hands for other things.

Our Voice activated service lets you take care of sending certificates no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Voice Commands for You

To use our voice issuing of Certificates and ID Cards, you have to “link” your

Once you do this one time linking you will have complete access through these devices.