Agency Management

Agency Management

acord_form_demo 5 minute 46 second video of our ACORD and Agency Management service.

Agency Management for the Information Based Economy

Make your files, forms and images 10 to 100 times more useful and powerful

Organize, find and associate your customer information the way the World Wide Web organizes information for Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

Making Human Connections

Every existing agency management system forces you to find your insured information in the same way – a nested tree structure. Does the diagram below look familiar?


Nested Tree Structure

But what about all the other connections your customer has in real life?

What about being able to see the insurance of other related family members? Are Tom Jones and Jane Smith related? How about other business connections? Does Tom Jones rent a building to Jane’s business? Is he a partner? The structured tree format doesn’t work so well for giving you the full real life picture.

Put Power in Your Hands.

Using customer metadata, you control the way your information relates to and is associated with any and all other information in our Cap-Dat ACORD agency management and document management services.

  1. Find information faster
  2. Connect related information even if it is not stored in the same file
  3. Never lose anything
  4. Use Search to create any report instantly
  5. Discover unexpected relationships and patterns in your customer information
  6. Never have to store more than one copy of any information anywhere because it can always be associated with any other account, file, form or image.

Learn more about how Cap-Dat ACORD uses metadata here…

Create your own personal information structure

Cap-Dat ACORD moves your information management from 1980’s technology to all the power of Web 2.0.

  • Runs faster than Windows based programs.
  • Gives you more control than any other information management system.
  • Accessible from any Internet connection.
  • Available 24/7/365.
  • Secured and private

More secure than your locally stored database if you always have a high speed internet connection open.

Your information on our servers has…

  • Multiple layers of access security.
  • Daily security updates.
  • Daily Backups
  • Redundant hardware systems to keep the system running when there are hardware failures.
  • A full time staff with advanced computer science degrees.

Our costs are lower because our volume is higher

Other systems you will find that offer parts of what we offer cost over $10,000 just to install and $1,000’s a year to maintain. These software systems sell dozens, or at most hundreds of new systems a year. They have to charge a lot.

We sell 1,000’s of systems a year. Our much higher sales volume gives you a much lower purchase price.

No installation fee. Only $250 a year or $24.95 for 12 monthly payments.

Our system gives you more than 10 times the value with Web 2.0 tools to manage your information today.

Our system costs you less than 10% of the annual cost of our competition.

It is a brillant choice.