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Get Prospective Agents to your web site.

The perfect time to get in front of agents.

What better time is there to be in front of an agent than when he or she is working on an application for an account you would like to write?

Have you ever had your marketing reps / field reps walk into an agency when the agent was working on an application for an account that was just the type of business you are looking for? Great timing. You probably wrote the account – or at least got to quote the account.

What would it be worth if you could be in front of agents every time that happened?


How does this form of advertising differ from others?

With us, you are putting your advertisement in front of the people you want to attract – agents who are filling out ACORD forms. This is a highly specialized target market. It’s better than advertising on search engines because your ad is placed directly in front of an independent agent. There’s no better way to advertise your MGA to attract business.
How do you calculate costs?

We charge you on the clicks you generate, not the number of impressions of your ad. If no one clicks, the cost to you is $0. We charge an initial setup fee and create a deductible system where you can prepay for clicks. We will also provide you with statistical analysis provided by Webtrends software that accurately measures clicks from your ad to your website.

Ads on our forms are not a guarantee of business. They take Agents to your website. From there they contact you and setup a relationship between themselves and your MGA. The ad buttons on our fillable ACORD forms do not enable the agent to directly send the form to you. Essentially, you will be generating more TRAFFIC to your website and more potential AGENTS.

We can deliver that moment to you. On a consistent basis.

Here is how…


  • Simply-Easier-ACORD-Forms has over 42,000 users.
  • Our users fill out thousands of applications a day – see sample usage report.
  • We can put your advertisement on that application. See example form.
  • Each time our users open that form they will see your ad.
  • They can click on the ad and be taken to the sales page of your choice. For example, if your ad is on a California Garage application, your ad can take them to your best sales page for your California garage insurance product.
  • You only pay for the actual click through to your site. – We provide you with a daily log of activity. We can also provide you with the url’s the click came from so you can follow up with your visitors.
  • The most cost efficient, focused advertising you have ever had the opportunity to do.Get highly targeted information to your customers at the absolute best time.There has never before been the possibility of such a high quality ad placement.

    Alternatively, you can contact Duke at: 1-800-768-0907