Additional Interest

Additional Interest

ACORD provides the ACORD 45 Additional Interest form as a supplement to personal or commercial lines applications.

Purpose of Additional Interest Form

The ACORD 45 form is used to list entities with an insurable interest in the insurance contract. The primary purpose of the form is to help you and the insurance company stay organized.

An example of the use of the ACORD 45 form would be a commercialaccount that has loss payees on cars, a mortgage on the building and alease on furniture.


The additional interest form is NOT an ACORD Binder, ACORD Certificate of Insurance or ACORD Evidence of Insurance. The additional interest form is also not a part of the policy and in and of itself, the form gives no rights of the policy to any party.

Types of Entities

The types of entities which may have an insurable interest include:

  1. Additional Insured
  2. Loss Payee
  3. Mortgagee
  4. Lienholder
  5. Employee as Lessor

The type of item which an entity might have an additional interest in are:

  1. Land
  2. Building
  3. Vehicle
  4. Boat
  5. Scheduled Item

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Additional Interest and Other ACORD Forms

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