ACORD Loss Notice

ACORD provides 5 ACORD Loss Notice forms.

The purpose of the Loss Notice forms is for the agent to have a standardized claim form to present claims information to the insurance company.

ACORD Loss forms are also know as ACORD claims forms, or simply loss notices or claims forms.

The MOST IMPORTANT Information to complete.

Any review of the ACORD Loss Notice forms will make you realize that you, as the agent, are not going to have all of the information available to you to answer all the questions. The ACORD Loss Notice forms are designed to be partially completed by you and partially completed by the insurance company. For instance, you are unlikely to know the name of the adjuster assigned.One of the real benefits of Fill Out On Screen forms is that you can FAX or Email the forms with the information you have completed to the claims adjusters and eliminate errors made when the same ACORD Loss Notice form is filled out by the person you are talking to on the telephone.

The 5 ACORD Loss Notice forms are:

ACORD 1 – ACORD Property Loss Notice
ACORD 3 – ACORD Auto Loss Notice
ACORD 3 – ACORD Liability Loss Notice
ACORD 4 – Workers Compensation First Report of Injury or Accident
ACORD 4WI – Wisconsin Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease
When should you use these ACORD Loss Notice forms?

The ACORD 1 – Property Loss Notice is used for reporting Personal or Commercial Lines losses from Fire, Theft, Lightning, Wind, Hail, Flood, Vandalism, Water Sewer Back, etc. occurring under Homeowner, Dwelling Fire, Mobile Home, Flood, Commercial Property or Inland Marine policies.

The ACORD 2 – Automobile Loss Notice is used for reporting any Commercial or Personal lines losses from liability to other party, either bodily injury or property damage, or Damage to your insured’s vehicle such as Comprehensive, Collision, Fire, Theft, Vandalism, Towing,Rental Reimbursement, PIP, etc.

The ACORD 3 – General Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim is used for reporting either Personal or Commercial lines liability claims except for automobile related claims.

The ACORD 4 – Workers Compensation – First Report of Injury or Illness is the only ACORD Loss Notice form that you, the agent, will probably not fill out. This loss notice is normally completed by the employer and sent directly to the insurance entity. That could be an insurance company, a third party administrator or the state’s workers compensation board.

The ACORD 4WI – Wisconsin Employer’s First Report of Injury or Disease is the appropriate form for the employer to complete if the employer is subject to the Wisconsin Workers Compensation Statutes.