Data Security


Since our Cap-Dat ACORD service stores your information on our servers, security is the highest concern. You should think about it. I promise we think about it a lot.

I will outline our general approach for you.

  • We have firewalls in place.
  • We have constant monitoring.
  • When you are working with your account online we have the entire site wrapped in a Secure Socket Layer – SSL. You will see the little yellow lock icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen indicating this.
  • The actual forms also have encryption on them.
  • Stored data is encrypted.
  • We have triple redundancy on all servers, power supplies, processors, hard drives.
  • We have the system using hot plugable components so if there is a failure, the switch over is automatic in real time.
  • We back up daily for off site back up storage.

Your trust must be earned and deserved. We have been dealing with upload and financial transactions for over 15 years.

Running products locally often will make you feel your data is safer and more secure, but if you have high speed Internet connections that are always on, how many of these security measures do you employ?

We continue to review additional security options and will add more features as we feel they are appropriate.

Your online security is very important to us.