ACORD 90GA Instructions

ACORD 90 GA (2003/09)Georgia Personal Auto Application

Following are the differences from ACORD 90, the generic Personal Auto Application. For instructions on completing the balance of this form, refer to ACORD 90, the generic Personal Auto Application Instructions, on this website.

  • Personal Injury Protection coverage does not apply; this is not a “no-fault” state.
  • Uninsured Motorists coverage includes Underinsured Motorists coverage; provision is made for per-accident deductibles under Uninsured Motorists coverage.


  • Required statements have been added to the back of the form:
  1. Noting if copies of the Privacy Act and Fair Credit Reportingnotices have been given to the applicant.
  2. Referring to the state supplement containing explanation and selection options for Uninsured Motorists.
  3. Providing a statement regarding the advance payment of the first sixty days of coverage by the applicant, unless the policy is a continuation of another policy, and there has been no lapse in coverage.