ACORD 68ND Instructions

ACORD 68 ND (2004/07) – North Dakota Supplement to Property Insurance Applications

Effective January 1, 1994, all property applications used in North Dakota must identify by fire district number the Fire District within which each insured property is located. The insurer must then report the property premium and insured value of the property attributable to each fire district to the North Dakota Insurance Department at the time it submits it’s annual statement.

If more than one location is included in the application, and the locationsinvolve multiple fire districts, the separate locations and property values must be identified, and the premium apportioned to each fire district based on the values in each district. Use ACORD 68 ND as a supplement to:

    • Dwelling Fire Application, ACORD 84
    • Property Section, ACORD 140

ACORD 68 ND may also be used by insurers to report to the North Dakota Insurance Department.