ACORD 67FL Instructions

ACORD 67 FL (7/94) – Florida Homeowners Supplement, Replacement Cost and Law and Ordinance Coverages

Florida law requires that all applicants for Homeowners insurance must be advised of the availability of Replacement Cost and Law and Ordinance coverages. The law also requires that insurance companies must obtain a written statement from the applicant, selecting or rejecting these coverages.

In addition, Insurers must provide each current Homeowners policyholder with notice of availability of these coverages, and must also obtain a written selection or rejection statement from policyholders.

Homeowners policyholders must be re-advised of this information every three years.

ACORD 67 FL responds to all of the above needs. This form contains textapproved by the Florida Department of Insurance.

Use ACORD 67 FL with Homeowners Application, ACORD 80, and to provide current Homeowners policyholders with the required notice.