ACORD 62SC Instructions

ACORD 62 SC (2/96)South Carolina Commercial Auto Supplement,Panel Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Vans or Similar Vehicles, Affidavit of Commercial Use

South Carolina Department of Insurance Bulletin 95-2 requires that, when an applicant applies for commercial auto insurance coverage for a panel truck, pickup truck, van or similar vehicle, the applicant must describe legitimate commercial use of the vehicle(s). A commercial auto application will fulfill this requirement.

In addition, if the vehicle(s) have been previously used for business purposes by the applicant, a copy of the applicant’s business license, or a copy of IRS form 1040, Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ, delineating net profit or net loss derived from the legitimate commercial use of the vehicle(s), must be attached to the application.

If the vehicle(s) were not previously used in the business, or if the applicant has a new commercial enterprise, the applicant must provide an affidavit certifying commercial use.

Use ACORD 62 SC with any commercial auto application to comply with the requirements of Bulletin 95-2.