ACORD 61AR Instructions

ACORD 61 AR (2002/03) – Arkansas Auto Supplement, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage Selection; Personal InjuryProtection

This form complies with Arkansas law and regulations, which require that the insured must be offered Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists* (UM and UIM) Bodily Injury coverage, UM Property Damage coverage and various Personal Injury Protection coverages, and must be allowed to:

    • Select UM and UIM*;
    • Select UM and reject UIM*;
    • Reject UM Property Damage coverage;
    • Reject UM and UIM* entirely.
    • Reject increased UM and UIM limits
    • Reject any or all of the various Personal Injury Protectioncoverages.

* UM coverage cannot be rejected by insureds engaged in the transportation of the general public as passengers for compensation.

The insured cannot select UIM without selecting UM. Selection/rejection must be in writing.

Use this form with ACORD 90 AR; and all commercial Auto applications. All applicants who will be named insureds must sign the form.