ACORD 54 Instructions

ACORD 54 (1/97) – Financial Responsibility Form

Certification of liability insurance coverage for the future is a basic element in all financial responsibility laws. In order to reinstate a driving privilege after a driver license suspension, an insurance company is called upon to certify liability coverage for the future, usually three years, for the affected individual.

While the basic certification concept is for the most part rather uniform among the states having financial responsibility laws, there are a number of procedural variations.

The Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA) produces a Financial Responsibility Programs and ProceduresGuide that provides details about specific procedures for each state.Information in this Guide relating to financial responsibility was taken from the IICMVA publication in use as of the printing date of this Guide.

ACORD Form 54 is the basic form used in most states to certify insurance coverage to the motor vehicle administrator when an insurance companyfiles a certification. It is the same as the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) form SR 22. When an insurance company files a certification, it is “on the risk” until it files a cancellation notice.

ACORD Form 54 is NOT used in the following states:

  • Georgia*
  • Illinois*
  • Kentucky**
  • Maryland**
  • Massachusetts**
  • Minnesota*
  • New Jersey**
  • New Mexico**
  • New York**
  • North Carolina**
  • Pennsylvania**
  • Vermont*
  • West Virginia**

* Special state forms are required. These forms have not been printed by

** These states have no financial responsibility requirements that utilize forms such as ACORD 54.