ACORD 50WM Instructions

ACORD 50 WM (2/95) – Insurance Identification Card (with Watermark)

* ACORD 50 WM may be used in all states where ACORD 50 is acceptable. This card contains a watermark (the word “ACORD”) which is invisible when the form is photocopied. This feature helps to prevent fraudulent reproduction.

IMPORTANT: The watermark cannot be reproduced when ACORD 50 WM is downloaded from this website. Paper copies of ACORD 50 WM can be ordered from Nelle at 1-800-768-0907. This watermarked paper can be used in an office printer.

ACORD 50 WM is also the only card acceptable in Delaware and as a permanent card in New Jersey. For a temporary Auto ID card in New Jersey, use ACORD 50 NJ.