ACORD 50NJ Instructions

ACORD 50NJ WM (2/95)

This is the only ACORD ID card that is acceptable in New Jersey as a permanent ID card under a new regulation effective April 19, 2004. It cannot be used as a temporary ID card. Use ACORD 50 NJ when a temporary ID card must be issued.

This card contains a watermark (the word “ACORD”), which is invisible when the form is photocopied. This feature helps to prevent fraudulent reproduction and is required under the new regulation.

IMPORTANT: The watermark cannot be reproduced when ACORD 50 WM is downloaded from this website. Paper copies of ACORD 50 WM that include the watermark can be ordered from Nelle at 800-768-0907. This watermarked paper can be used in an office printer.

Two cards should be issued to the insured. One should be retained in the insured vehicle, and the other used to provide proof of insurance at the time license plates are purchased.

If the card is being used for coverage under the New Jersey Automobile Full Insurance Underwriting Association, wording must appear on the front of the card to that effect.

The following phrase should be added to the back of the card:

“Address for notification of commencement of medical treatment.”

All fields on the card must be properly completed to comply with New Jersey regulations.

Note: The Insurance Company Number shown on the card must be the NJ DMV Insurance Company Number for the company issuing theinsurance policy.