ACORD 50CA Instructions

ACORD 50 CA – California Insurance Identification Card

Use ACORD 50 CA to provide proof of insurance when requested bylaw enforcement, and to provide insurance information in case of anaccident.


Company Number

The Company Number that must be shown on the card is the NAIC number for the individual company issuing the policy.

Company Name and Address

Name and address of the applicable insurance company. Use the actual name of the company within the group to which the policy has been issued. Do not use group names.

Policy Number

Number exactly as it appears on the policy, including prefix and suffix symbols.

Effective Date

Enter the effective date shown in the policy.

Expiration Date

Enter the expiration date shown in the policy.


Year of the motor vehicle.


Make and Model of the motor vehicle.

Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number of the motor vehicle.

Agency/Company Issuing Card

Name and address of the issuing agency or company.


Name and mailing address of the insured as found on the declarations page of the policy.