ACORD 137VA Instructions

ACORD 137 VA (2002/12) – Virginia Commercial Auto, Coverages/Limits Section

Use this form to collect the coverage, limits and premium information necessary to write Business Auto, Truckers or Motor Carrier insurance in this state.

Use this form with ACORD 127, Business Auto Section, or ACORD 132, Truckers/Motor Carrier Section.

The following are the specific differences in this state:

    • Personal Injury Protection coverage is revised to reflect the coverages and options available in Virginia. Refer to your state Manual.
    • Underinsured Motorists coverage is included in UninsuredMotorists coverage.
    • A required statement is added referring to the Company’s right to cancel the policy for any reason within the first 60 days it is in effect, and thereafter for reason stated in the policy.
    • A statement is added referencing the offering of Uninsured Motorists coverage.
    • Line is provided for the initials of the named insured at the end of the statement on the back of the form relating to Uninsured Motorists coverage selection. A decision determined that the named insured must acknowledge the offer of UM coverage.
    • A state-specific fraud warning and privacy notice are added.

For further instructions refer to the generic ACORD 137 Instruction here.