ACORD 137MN Instructions

ACORD 137 MN (2001/10) – Minnesota Commercial Auto, Coverages/Limits Section

Use this form to collect the coverage, limits and premium information necessary to write Business Auto, Truckers or Motor Carrier insurance in this state.

Use this form with ACORD 127, Business Auto Section, or ACORD 132, Truckers/Motor Carrier Section.

The following are the specific differences in this state.

  • The Personal Injury Protection items revised to reflect Minnesota’s unique coverages.
  • A statement is added requiring the applicant to acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Minnesota Guaranty Association Notice ( ACORD 65 MN).
  • A statement is added requiring the applicant to acknowledge the offering of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage up to the limits of BI Liability.
  • A statement is added referencing the company’s right to cancel coverage during the forty-nine days following the issuance of coverage, for any reason not prohibited by law.
  • A statement is added referring to the Work Loss Exclusion in the Personal Injury Protection coverage.
  • The privacy statement is specific to the state.
  • The fraud statement on the back of the form is revised to reflect a new Minnesota law.

For further instructions refer to the generic ACORD 137 Instruction here.