Evidence of Insurance, Certificates and Binders

The complete ACORD Certificates, Evidence of Insurance and Binders includes...

  • ACORD 23 - Leased Auto Certificate of Insurance
  • ACORD 24 - Certificate of Property Insurance
  • ACORD 25 - Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • ACORD 27 - Evidence of Personal Property Insurance
  • ACORD 28 - Evidence of Commercial Property Insurance
  • ACORD 45 - Additional Interest
  • ACORD 75 - Insurance Binder
  • Certificate Request From

Our Complete Certificate, Evidence of Insurance and Binder solution gives you the ability to...

  • Fill in the any of the forms on screen.
  • Print the completed form.
  • Save the completed form on our secure CapDat Servers.
  • You can access the blank forms and all your saved forms from any PC with Internet access.

You can...

  • Retrieve a previously issed form
  • Make changes
  • Print with the changes
  • Save under a new name or the same name

If you have to issue a large number of Certificates of Insurance, Evidence of Insurance or Binders for your business or for your customers, this is a great solution.

Online Request a Certificate Form

The Complete Certificate of Insurance, Evidence of Insurance and Binder solution also includes a "Request a Certificate of Insurance" form you can post a link to on your web site or send the link to customers in an e-mail.

When someone completes the Request form, the Capdat system sends you an immediate e-mail notification of the request.

Make your work easier and your customers work easier with the Complete Certificate of Insurance, Evidence of Insurance and Binder solution from Simply-Easier-ACORD-Forms.

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No installation – Instant Access

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