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Cap Dat ACORD works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well as with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Our ACORD ONE mobile app for Cap Dat ACORD forms works on Apple and Android devices.

ACORD forms are available as fillable PDF’s or as HTML forms for your PC browser.

Cap Dat ACORD includes

All forms are stored in our Secure Cloud so they are always available, any time, any where, any device.

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Cap Dat ACORD makes your job easier with

Now you can COMBINE any - and as many - of the ACORD forms into a SINGLE form. This has two enormous benefits....

  1. You can send one ACORD application to your underwriter instead of having to send several.
  2. The common information you enter into one form is automatically sent through all other attached forms so you do not have to double enter information.

Most applications use more than one ACORD form. Take a typical Commercial Auto application. Normally you need...

  • ACORD 125 - General Insured Information
  • ACORD 127 - Business Auto Section
  • ACORD 137 - State Specific Coverage and Limits

You may also need driver and vehicle schedules, uninsured motorist, fraud and Terrorism forms.

With our Combine Forms feature you can make all these into a single PDF document. Submission is easier. Renewals are definitely easier.

Cap Dat ACORD supports Single Entry Data.

Store customer information, including name, address, and policies.

Prefill any forms, including ACORD forms, using the stored data.

Search Cap Dat ACORD's knowledge base by state and line of business to find the required and recommended forms need to complete an application.

Select the forms and combine them as needed.

See an Overview of Cap Dat ACORD
See an Overview of Cap Dat ACORD

See CapDat ACORD in Action
See CapDat ACORD in Action

Email Documents

Your customers often need to review applications, get certificates or Proof Insurance from you.

Cap Dat ACORD gives you two ways to email forms to your customers.

  • Email forms as attachments
  • Email forms as a secure, time limted link

Share files with your clients and allow them to email documents as needed.

Print Documents

Print completed forms.

Share files with your clients and allow them to print documents as needed.

Improve your customer service and increase security on customer files.

CapDat ACORD provides secure online access to forms for your customers. The forms can be any file created using CapDat ACORD or any file uploaded to CapDat ACORD.

You choose whether to allow the customer to just View the file or Edit the file.

Safe and secure method of providing applications, certificates and much more. Avoids sending these files using email.

Tags, Notes...

Add tags, notes, comments and descriptions to your files and folders

Search for files and folders using the tags, notes, comments and descriptions

Share files with your clients and allow them to read and add comments.

Producer Signature

Add Producer signatures to completed documents.

Upload an image of the producer's signature, or send it to us and we upload it. Cap Dat ACORD stores the signature for you to use on completed forms.

Upload Files

Upload additional files so you can organize them by folder or client.

Share the uploaded files with your clients or underwriters as needed.

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No installation – Instant Access

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Internet Explorer
CapDat ACORD Forms is compatible with FireFox
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